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2017 Schedule:
January 20, 21, 21 Cavaletti and Jumping Clinic
February 24, 25, 26 Cavalletti & Jumping Clinic
March 24 ,25, 26 Cavalletti & Jumping Clinic
April 21,22 XC Spring Tuneup for Dressage Riders & Eventers
May 24 Schooling Dressage Show, Combined Test &
Clear Round Jumping
June 21 Schooling Dressage Show, Combined Test &
Clear Round Jumping
July 15,16 Summer Cross Country Clinic
July 26 Schooling Dressage Show, Combined Test &
Clear Round Jumping
August 16 Schooling Dressage Show, Combined Test &
Clear Round Jumping
Sept 23 Schooling Dressage Show, Combined Test &
Clear Round Jumping
August 19 Mini Event
August 19 Young Event Horse/Future Event Horse


Clinics are held throughout the year for both eventers and dressage riders.
All horses and riders from entry level through advanced are welcome! Participants
are scheduled in groups of four to six, at the appropriate level for their stage
of development and their goals.

Visiting Clinicians

We look forward eagerly to the visiting clinicians whom Marilyn invites to Applewood Farm, since they are always the best of the best. Auditing
these clinics is just as interesting as riding in them, and the viewing room and arena are always packed. One of our favorites is Linda Zang,
an FEI “O” Dressage judge, who is famous for her positive attitude and amazing ability to articulate and elucidate all things dressage. Linda
is delighted to work with eventers as well as dressage riders, and we are  treated to watching top local riders in both disciplines whenever  
she gives a clinic, as well as riding for her ourselves. 

Auditors welcome.

Entry Form

Winter Series Cavalletti & Jumping Clinics

Applewood’s winter series of jumping clinics continues to increase in popularity, with more riders participating each year. They offer an opportunity to tune up your jumping skills and get ready for the spring season, while riding in comfort indoors on perfect footing. Dressage riders enjoy the cavalletti-only sessions, which include cavalletti at walk, trot and canter, on straight lines and circles, plus exercises for lengthening and shortening strides. Each one of the three clinics in this series will include cavalletti-only sessions for dressage horses and riders.

The clinics are held in the Applewood indoor arena. Auditors may observe at no charge from the heated viewing lounge, which is equipped with a sound system. Complimentary refreshments are available all day.

Each group includes 4 to 6 riders and runs 1 ½ to 2 hours. Please indicate the date you prefer on the entry form – one date per clinic! You may enter the entire series at once, or enter individual clinics.


Fee: $100 per ride session (payment must accompany entry form).


Cavalletti & Jumping Clinic: Jan 20, 21, 22

Cavalletti & Jumping Clinic: Feb 24, 25, 26

Cavalletti & Jumping Clinic: March 24,25,26


Entry Form |
Ride Schedule for March Clinic

Cross-Country Clinics at Applewood:

Cross-country clinics offer groups for every level, including Applewood’s very popular cavalletti-only group for dressage horses and riders. All groups consist of six riders or fewer; each group rides between one and two hours. Depending on the level, obstacles include ditches, banks, water and other appropriate XC questions. All clinics are held outdoors and involve varied terrain but no steep hills.

Fee: $100 per rider in groups of 6 or less (payment must accompany entry form).

Spring Cross Country Tuneup for Dressage Riders & Eventers

Tune up your cross-country skils! Get ready for the spring events, and for enjoying the outdoors on your dressage horse! Groups for all levels, including cavalletti-only. All groups will ride from the indoor arena to the outdoor and back, to avoid early-spring footing problems. Learn to trot, canter,  gallop and jump from light into dark, and vice-versa. Work on galloping and balancing before fences, practice narrow fences, “fake” ditches, and turning questions outdoors. Cavalletti groups will ride both indoors and out, working on lengthening and shortening strides, bending lines and going from light to dark and back again.

April 21,22

Entry Form


Summer Cross Country Clinic:

This clinic will be outdoors and will include a variety of obstacles on Applewood Farm’s cross-country courses. Groups of no more than six riders of similar experience will ride at levels ranging from Starter through Training. A special group for dressage riders will consist of cavalletti only, and will include questions such as bending lines, riding up and down gentle grades, lengthening and shortening strides, and a shallow water crossing. Other groups will school over banks, ditches and water obstacles, depending on the appropriateness of these challenges for the level of each group.

July 15, 16

Entry Form

Schooling Shows

Applewood offers four ESDCTA-registered Dressage Shows, Combined Tests (dressage and show jumping) & Clear Round jumping. Dressage is in the outdoor dressage arena; warmup is indoors; both arenas are sand/rubber and dust-free! Jumping takes place in the grass show jumping field. Scores can be applied to ESDCTA Year-End Awards and volunteer hours to ESDCTA volunteer requirement. All shows are on Wednesday. We make every effort to schedule ride times around riders’ work responsibilities and other commitments.

Schooling Dressage Show, Combined Test & Clear Round Jumping

May 24
June 21
July 26
August 16
Sept 13

Prize List | Entry Form

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Young Event Horse, Future Event Horse and Mini Event Competition:

August 19

YEH includes an in-hand conformation phase, the YEH dressage test for 4 or 5 year old eventing prospects, and a jumping phase that begins with a few straightforward show jumps, which feed directly into several inviting XC fences. The jumping phase is immediately followed by the galloping phase, in which horses are judged on the quality of the gallop and ability to cover ground.

FEH focuses on judging the potential of yearlings and 2 and 3 year olds to become successful event horses. Horses are judged in hand on their conformation and the quality and correctness of their gaits. They stand for inspection and then walk and trot on a triangle, followed by standing again for the judge’s observation.

YEH & FEH entries must be registered with USEA and must use the USEA Entry Forms available from www.useventing.com , or use the links provided in the Prize List, click on the link below.  YEH also must use the special 4yo and 5yo dressage tests, available at ww.useventing.com

MODIFIED EVENTING DIVISIONS are an introduction for horses and riders of all ages and equestrian disciplines, whether you or your horse are new to eventing, want to tune up, or try a new level. If entries permit, there will be separate divisions for new event horses, and new event riders. There will be no conformation phase.  

Click on the Prize List link below to see levels available.

For more information, contact the competition secretary, Holly Cornell 732-208-8715 or hollywc@comcast.net. Times will be posted on the website.

Prize List - YEH & ME

Mini Event Entry Form | YEH/FEH Times | Mini Event Ride Times


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Private and semi-private lessons are available year-round at all levels. Ride with Marilyn Payne, the Olympic judge whose specialty is bringing horse and rider to their full potential! Every rider receives personalized attention to their individual goals. Ride your own horse or one of Applewood’s experienced dressage and event horses to refine your skills. Longe line lessons on our schoolmasters can be arranged, allowing you to concentrate on improving your seat and position. Please click the link below to use the lesson time request form for scheduling lessons on a quarterly basis. Riders who enroll in this program sign up for lessons every three months and receive a discount.
To arrange lessons on a shorter-term basis than three months, please email applewoodfarm@comcast.net for more information and fees for private or semi-private lessons.

Lesson Time Request Form

Lesson Photos

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TrainingTraining Photos

Applewood Farm provides specialized training for your horse in both dressage and jumping. Marilyn Payne has trained and competed numerous horses successfully from entry level through the upper reaches of the FEI levels, and brings her years of experience to bear on improving each horse she works with. Marilyn is experienced in the whole spectrum of training equine athletes, from starting youngsters to reschooling problem horses, and fine-tuning competition horses to bring their skills to a peak.

Horses in training usually board at Applewood. A customized program can range from full training to partial training, depending how many times per week Marilyn works with the horse, and how many times you wish to ride. Specific goals are outlined for each horse, and often include correcting problems as well as developing new skills. Training is most successful when lessons are included in the program, so the rider learns what the horse is learning, and how to give the aids correctly and ride precisely.

Holly Payne assists with training at Applewood Farm. She has trained numerous horses for her students and herself at all levels of eventing, and also has a strong background in dressage.In 2014, Holly competed at the 3* level with both Santino and Never Outfoxed, having brought these two equine rising stars up through the levels herself. Holly made her 4* debut with her long-time partner, Madeline, at Rolex Kentucky, and is looking forward to competing for the first time with “Fox” in a 4* at the 2015 Rolex event. To learn more about Holly visit her at www.hollypayne.com

Holly Jumping Photo

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Special Events

Applewood Farm is much more than a place to ride, show and take lessons – it’s a special community with its own traditions. Social gatherings, celebrations and having fun with our horses are the highlights. Some activities go back for years, while others are occasional add-ons or one-time-only adventures. Among them are:

Events PhotosChristmas Party

On the last Friday evening before Christmas, we gather for a bang-up celebration! Everyone brings a contribution of food or drink, and we’re always amazed to see how great we all look when we get cleaned up. The Payne Christmas tree is massive, logs crackle in the fireplace, and glasses are hoisted as the Applewood family celebrates the season.


The Saturday after the Christmas party, we dress ourselves and our horses in costume and play games! Wearing everything from antlers to tiaras, our equine friends compete in the high-jump, musical stalls, a trotting race, apple-on-a-spoon, and other equally silly classes. After the fray, we have hot chocolate and cookies by the fire.

Camp Applewood

For everyone who didn’t get to go to camp or join Pony Club – and for those who did! Camp Applewood is for teens and adults, is held in the spring or summer, and involves several days of intense hanging out with your horse and your friends. Everyone brings lunch, has a morning jumping lesson and an afternoon lesson on the flat, and bonds while learning lots of new things.

Hunt Races

Applewood has its own spot at the Essex Hunt Races in October. We watch the races, make outlandish bets with each other, eat a lot and watch the fashionistas in their high heels trying to wade through the mud.

Tailgating at Jersey Fresh

Tailgating on cross-country day at New Jersey’s premier 3-day event, Jersey Fresh CCI** & ***, is our newest group activity and will clearly become a tradition. With front row seats in the back of our pickup trucks, we hang out at the water complex, one of the most challenging efforts on the course. It’s our base for the day, and we also walk the courses, oohing and aahing at the breathtaking obstacles, the brave riders, and the magnificent horses. Everyone brings a potluck contribution, and we cheer raucously  for each competitor who makes it through the water, and even louder for those who don’t.


Contact Applewood

Marilyn Payne, Applewood Farm, 30 Fox Hill Road, Califon NJ 07830; 908-334-0105; applewoodfarm@comcast.net

TO ADD YOUR NAME TO APPLEWOOD’S EMAIL LIST: Contact Holly Cornell, 732-208-8715 or hollywc@comcast.net to receive email notices about shows, clinics, other activities and special events throughout the year. Please tell us if you also need information about scheduling lessons.

We do not share our list with other organizations or individuals.


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